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    Default Re: Order of the Stick Trivia XIX: It's Always the Demon Roaches

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Torath View Post
    If Ron Miel didn't get the "correct" cup, I think Squire Doodad will need to put some careful thought into the re-wording of his trivia question. Personally, I find the tea cups Malack and Durkon are using fullfil the criteria perfectly.
    Sorry, I've been busy for the last few days so on and off. I was thinking about the cup of - that Daigo and Kazumi were talking about getting after the war.
    All of those were good responses, I suppose I should have made it clear it was the verbal mention that was nonspecific, not the cup itself. Maybe an interrupted mention of a cup would have made more sense?

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    Not anymore!

    What is still going forward?

    Hint: Blood loss inhibits movement.

    Find me a large cloud of what appear to be flies.
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    An explanation of why MitD being any larger than Huge is implausible.

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