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    Default Re: (IC) The Tentacle Terror

    Spoiler: Tam meldshaper info
    8 melds, 8 essentia, 2 binds to crown/feet/hands/totem:
    Crystal helm, 2 essentia, +2 resistance to Will vs charm/compulsion, +2 deflection AC
    Urskan greaves, 2 essentia, icewalk ; BOUND TO FEET, +2d4 damage on charge attacks
    Sphinx claws, 0 essentia, +1 competence to Strength checks and Strength skill checks
    Girallon arms, 3 essentia, +2 competence to grapple and Climb checks ; BOUND TO TOTEM, four natural weapons at +0 enhancement atk/dmg
    Blink shirt, 0 essentia, dimdoor 10' as standard action
    Pauldrons of health, 0 essentia, immunity to sickened/naus/disease, no further benefit without essentia
    Dissolving spittle, 0 essentia, may make 30' ranged touch attacks for 1d6 acid
    Wormtail belt, 1 essentia, +3 enhancement natural armor

    Spoiler: Ratling meldshaper info
    6 melds (one expanded capacity), 4 essentia, 1 bind to crown and 1 bind to totem:
    Shedu crown, 1 essentia, immune to bull rush, +1 save vs mind-affecting ; BOUND TO CROWN, telepathy 100'
    Kraken mantle, 0 essentia, +8 competence Swim, swim 40' as full-round or 20' as move ; BOUND TO TOTEM, waterbreathing
    Sighting gloves, 1 essentia, +2 insight ranged weapon damage
    Blink shirt, expanded capacity, 0 essentia, dimdoor 30' as standard action
    Kruthik claws, 0 essentia, +4 Hide and Move Silently
    Wormtail belt, 2 essentia, +4 enhancement to natural armor

    Tam grins and says "Fun!" before hurtling at the little beast, attacking with more body parts than he has any real right to. After a moment of looking stunned, the ratgirl furrows her brow, bares her incisors and grabs a big crossbow from the berth. A clear, high voice enters the heads of everyone on the ship, saying in Common, "Think your place at me if you see a monster!"

    Spoiler: mechanics
    With the penalty for charging and a few reshuffled essentia, Tam's AC is now 20.
    primary girallon: (d20+9)[14], hit: (3d4+4)[10] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    primary talon 1: (d20+6)[7], hit: (d6+1)[3] plus (2d4)[5] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    primary talon 2: (d20+6)[18], hit: (d6+1)[6] plus (2d4)[4] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    secondary tailslap: (d20+1)[5], hit: (d6)[6] plus (2d4)[5] bludgeon and 1 fire
    secondary girallon 1: (d20+4)[9], hit: (3d4+4)[9] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    secondary girallon 2: (d20+4)[10], hit: (3d4+4)[11] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    secondary girallon 3: (d20+4)[5], hit: (3d4+4)[10] pierce/slash and 1 fire
    I'll roll any crit threats separately.
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