{We will go by order of post. You may go up either the front or rear steps to get to the deck. The top of the stairs are considered the staring space for the players.In either case there is a goblinpus 10 ft from the door. There is another one just south of each mast, one next to the spar, and 2 on the rear castle near the wheel. There aren't any balista on this ship. Call your move, roll a balance check to make it across the pitching deck (dc 15), and roll your attack and initiative for next round. if you fail the balance check, you fall down somewhere between the stairs and the intended target.}

Frightened crew tumble down the stairs seeking safety in the hold. The ship is now leaning left and swaying wildly.

Heroically (unless the players all want to go defensive and fight in the hold), the adventurers work their ways toward the stairs, front or rear as they favor.

Though the doors above you see glimpses of brown sky, foamy green sea, torn sail, and tentacles....