Zander, not liking his odds in a tentacle's grasp, shifts away slightly on the back of the snake. "The nerve!"

He then, again, conjures more fog.

(Teleporting 5 feet back onto the mount with Abrupt Jaunt, targetting the boss and any surviving undazed gobbos with the mist)

Spoiler: Combo
Dazing Consecrated Shaped Enlarged Kelgore's Grave Mist:

(1d6)[2] damage, half cold, half unstoppable holy (no SR)

DC 18 save or daze for 2 rounds

Hits 4 10ft cubes

Fatigues (SR applies)

Spoiler: Previous Mist Damage

Osrik yells out, "Hey, you guys are hurt right? Let me help with that!"

(Readying an action to channel energy right before the big boss goes. Won't use it if nobody responds that they need healing.)

Spoiler: Channel Energy
(6d6+1)[18] healing, +12 for Osrik
Rerolling 1s: (1d6)[5] (1d6)[5] (1d6)[4] (1d6)[5] (1d6)[4] (1d6)[5]

Then, the snake smashes the nearby tentacles.

Spoiler: Snek Full Attack
Tail/Tail/Bite: (1d20+10)[17], (1d20+10)[13], (1d20+10)[24]

Damage: (2d6+5)[12], (2d6+5)[13], (1d8+5)[10]

DC 18 daze for the tails on hit.