Hong Kong, 2019

It's been over two decades since the handover of Hong Kong, and the streets are rife with tension. Those out of the know focus solely on obscene housing prices, the erosion of political autonomy, and, of course, the fact there's no more good dramas on TV anymore. But all of this is just a happy lie people tell themselves.

The truth is much more sinister. The world's most powerful monsters, both western and eastern in origin, are laying claim to the former colony. Old, proud scourges of Black Court Vampires find themselves being undermined from the shadows by Jade Court operatives. The promise of riches in the Pearl of the Ocean has also led to an ongoing battle between the old rich dragons of yesteryear and younger, more ambitious dragons from the mainland. Even wizards, known for their neutrality in mortal affairs are seeing the rise of practitioners taking political sides. Indeed, the city known for its lush multicultural identity has literal monsters and magic-users serving as proxies for the struggle between East and West. It seems such contentions might eventually collapse Hong Kong and take all mortals with it.

The only question left: Where do you stand?


Welcome to a Dresden Files Roleplaying Game set in modern-day Hong Kong!


See this link for the rest of the recruitment ad. Looking for 4-5 characters with a post rate of 1 post every 3 days.