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Rose: "Mmm, ham swarms... with melted cheese on a warm Prench roll..."

It would be a slow process to get their immune systems improved, acclimated to a life of real world germs and sickness. But the bubble idea actually sounds kinda nice and private for a while.

Make sure to take them on walks! Hmm, Rose did decently well interacting with Blank. Might have to free up some time if Love needs it.

My personal headcanon had always been "Stupid sexy Rose" when interacting with Blank, as in, he hates her, but finds the concept of cyborg doctors interesting.
Love can just make Rose Ham. It sounds much easier. Ham isn't exactly know for it's material properties.

I wouldn't have any experience living in a bubble. It sounds challenging. Blank might like it though. I'm not sure about Null. I figure as long as Null has a computer she is going to be somewhat happy.

Love will give them walks! Yeah, Rose did well with Blank. I think it was one of her better moments last mission.

Interesting thought.

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Hey, it's not their fault that they were cloned into the world by a psychotic doctor who held no regard for their personal health. They got dealt a bad hand... That now must be kept in weighted storage tents lest they blow away in the wind.
It's not their fault at all. It's not like they'll be there forever! And, plus cleaning magic might make things a lot easier.

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I'm tired and will just assume that was in reference to "Stupid Sexy Rose" because it's funny and the easiest answer to use. :p

Actually, now that I think about it, I don't believe Rose was properly introduced to Null.
Funny is good.

Yeah. I believe the group split up and Rose went up stairs with Midnight so she never met Null.