[Talman's Toys]

"You make all this?" Reinholdt asks the mechanical man. He said as much. But that's even worse than selling your brothers and sisters! That's like selling your children. Rein will never understand the ways of the robot.

The floating cat stares at Anika for a moment. "Uhhh..." There were a lot of ways to interpret those claims of hers. "Right." Better just to not.

Well there were plenty of beautiful watches to choose from. Did she want a beautiful watch? Rein normally leans in that direction when dealing with random strangers. But this one was proud of being a murder machine, wanted a stranger's help, and hadn't already picked out a beautiful watch before now. Maybe he should go a completely different direction for her? Why is he picking out pocket watches again?

After some awkward silence and an intense search, Rein finally points one out. "How about this one?" He suggests.