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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XXIX: Sword, Shield, and Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Qwertystop View Post
    They already had models for all the older-gen ones, though. It's not as though Sword and Shield have a particularly higher-detail art style or something; if there's been any changes to the models of the recurring mons they've shown, I can't see it.

    Seriously, switching to 3d models was a great opportunity to not need to redo so much art every generation, and then Dynamax is a decent way to get a new mechanic with a minimum of art and development time (same as Z-moves were, except moreso). If anything, I was expecting them to use the freed-up time to fix some of the really dull animations from older gens, not ditch most of the roster.
    I'd say there's a large enough difference between style over sun/moon that it was necessary to start over or at least do heavy work on everything. In addition, I think this is informed by the workload that went into the recent yellow remake. Yes, they're probably only going to need to HD the pokemon once, but they have to HD the pokemon once.

    Plus you're likely right about animation as well, increasing the workload. Fans have been wanting a true pokemon on console hardware forever, and they're going to want to avoid the "Tauros used fly!" awkward placeholder animation problems from the stadium games.

    Glorious that they were.
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