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Thread: Big pile of homebrew Race Traits (PEACH)

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    I command you, thread, rise from your grave! LIVE! LIVE ONCE MORE!! AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    So, inspiration struck, and I added a bunch of traits to the pile. Treasure Hunter (Feat and skill trait), Cliff Dweller (movement trait), Standard Flexible (Ability Score Modifier), Blood Sense (Sensory trait), Mist Sight (Also Sensory), Bleeding Strike (Offense trait), and Water Dependent (Weakness).
    Spoiler: New Traits
    Treasure hunter (1 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Members of this race gain a +4 racial bonus on perception checks to find money, valuables, or magic items, including scrolls and potions.

    Cliff dweller (2 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: This race is adept at living on mountainsides, cliffs, and steep rocky terrain in general, and gains a +4 racial bonus to any acrobatics checks to move among these terrains. While climbing in these terrains, this race has a climb speed of half their movement speed, or 20 feet (whichever is higher) and may take 10 even while threatened.

    Standard Flexible (1 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Members of this race get +2 to one ability score and -2 to one ability score, chosen at race creation. Additionally, Members of this race gain an additional +2 that is assigned at character creation, but cannot be placed in the same ability as the static +2.

    Blood Sense (3 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Through either magical or mundane senses, members of this race are able to sense the presence of living blood. Members of this race can detect living creatures within 30 feet, as if they had the blindsense ability, except it does not require line of sight. This ability cannot detect undead or constructs, unless they are made at least in part of blood, and cannot detect bloodless creatures like oozes. Additionally, this sense can detect recently spilled blood, but only up to 1 hour after the blood was spilled.

    Mist Sight (2 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Benefit: Members of this race are able to see through mist, fog, smoke, murky water and similar insubstantial visual obstructions as if they were clear air or water. The miss chances for these obstructions are ignored up to this raceís normal range of vision.

    Water Dependent (-1 RP)
    Prerequisites: None
    Weakness: Members of this race must keep their skin moist, or risk drying out. Members of this race must soak their skin once per day with at least a pint of water. If they do not, they must make a fortitude save of DC 15. For each consecutive day they go without hydrating their skin, this fortitude save increases by 1. Failing this save deals 1d4 nonlethal damage. Nonlethal damage inflicted by this can only be healed by hydrating their skin. The spell Endure Elements protects against this drying out, and prevents the daily fortitude save, as well as keeping the save DC from increasing.

    Bleeding strike (2 RP)
    Prerequisites: A natural attack that does slashing or piercing.
    Benefit: Pick one natural attack possessed by this race. 1+con mod times per day, as a swift action, this race may try to inflict the bleeding condition on a living enemy they successfully hit with that natural attack. The target must make a fortitude save. The DC of this save is 10+Ĺ level + con mod. This bleeding causes con mod damage per turn, and lasts for 1d6 rounds. This bleeding can be stopped with a DC 15 heal check, or any magical healing, or a round of fast healing or regeneration.

    Also, I've always felt that the breath weapon trait was rather underpowered. At it's base, it does 1d6 elemental damage, and can only be used once per day. That's rather wimpy damage even at level 1, and I'm kinda hard pressed to think of why you'd want to use it as opposed to options provided by one's class, barring situations such as being disarmed, or completely out of spells. I made a few traits to augment it, that are significantly more powerful than what the vanilla race builder provides. I leave it to the GM's discretion on whether or not they wish to allow them. They're all in Offense race traits.
    Spoiler: Breath weapon traits
    Breath weapon, intense (1 RP)
    Prerequisites: Breath weapon
    Benefit: The breath weapon gains 1d6 damage at level 1, and again at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20, for a total of 5d6 additional damage.
    Special: This trait can be taken a second time. In this case, the breath weapon gains an additional 1d6 damage die at levels 3, 8, 13, and 18.

    Breath weapon, swift (1 RP)
    Prerequisites: Breath weapon
    Benefit: This race may use itís breath weapon as a move action.
    Special: This trait can be taken a second time. If done so, this race may use itís breath weapon as a swift action.

    Breath weapon, frequent (1 RP)
    Prerequisites: Breath weapon
    Benefit: The breath weapon may be used 1+con mod times per day.

    Lastly, I've nerfed Blue magic. Now you can only learn one spell per day, and it has to be cast by a hostile opponent.

    As always, I welcome any ideas or suggestions for balance improvements.
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