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    So one of my friends is trying to play a very Jackie Chan character with him rushing to use improvised weapons most of the time. Now the only thing is though right now there isn't really enough incentives for him to do so, in fact when you count how he could just attack with a spear it's a overall weak choice. Now some people might say this is accurate considering it's improvised weapons which is true but it's discouraging a super fun playstyle so I made this feat to try and make his fun combat strategy effective.

    Improvised Weapon Master
    - You gain a +1 to your Strength or Dexterity score, up to 20

    - You gain proficiency with improvised weapons

    - Picking up and putting improvised weapons in your main hand is a free action and can be done multiple times in a turn

    - You gain the ability to use improvised weapons to their full extent, where most people see a table and just see something to eat from you see a strong defensive shield that can be used like a spear or where most people see a chair as something to sit on you see it as multiple different batons. When you attack with a improvised weapons you can perform a special attack described below, you can only perform them once per turn

    1) Splintering attack, you use all your force to swing a item so hard it breaks but it splinters and deals extra damage. The attack gains a bonus to damage equal to your proficiency modifier but your improvised weapon is no longer usable

    2) Pushing attack, you use the size and weight behind a object to allow you to push against opponents. Whenever you hit someone with a improvised weapon you can attempt to push them 5 feet with a opposed athletics (strength) check

    3) Pulling attack, you can attempt to move and position a improvised weapon in such a way that it affects the opponent's stability. After you hit someone with an attack you can attempt to give advantage to the next attack made against them by performing a apposed acrobatics (dexterity) or athletics (strength) check

    so I've attempted to make this balanced and make improvised weapons viable, thoughts on this feat?
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