And so, with the captain onboard and ensconced in the bridge, the ship begins to cast off and pull away from the dock! They are up a creek with almost no paddle now.

The marine tilts his head and looks at Love curiously. "Why would you need a room? You won't be onboard overnight."

Love's remote eye, however, follows the captain all the way to his ready room, where she at last finds their the head of the table and wearing the sash of an admiral! The captain salutes him instead of the other way around, then nods to the secretary. She begins casting that same spell...


However...despite having no bedrooms, Rose knows that, with the departure from port, everypony will be working. Which means that they are not in the break room. She leads Brazen there and keeps watch while he defuses the bomb expertly. It's one of those simple types that, when the timer reaches zero, sends an electric current into the explosive to trigger it. Not hard to defuse at all. Just cut the wire. It is ready for...shenanigans.