Hi, I've been thinking of starting a new chapter, or rather a renegade chapter. Story is, they're loyalists, but they started experiencing mutations. They were shocked at first, but then realized despite their mutations, their minds are still their own, and that the imperium has been hating mutants even if they're just normal citizens. With their eyes now opened, they also see how the imperium basically treats the civilians as slaves. When other chapters notice the mutations and start attacking this chapter, that's the last straw. This chapter broke ties with the imperium and became renegade. They still hate chaos though, seeing them as no better. Together with some mutant guardsmen that they accepted in the warband, they travel the stars to liberate all and offer freedom and acceptance, humans and (non-chaos) mutants alike.

This warband I plan to use just with Kill-Team rules, since I can say they're not large enough to fight full battles, so they only fight the small battles behind enemy lines.
Now I have two questions:

1, Would this be too lore-breaking?
2, What would be a suitable new warband name for this group?

Thanks in advance.