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Great, now translate them to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, plus Simplified and Traditional Chinese too in a way that makes sense.
I'm unsure of your point. The already existing translation are already there. They do not need translating again if you are bringing back USUM info for non Galar Dex mon.

Meanwhile Pokemon Let's Go took at least around one year to make for just porting 150 pokemons in a game that's just a re-remake of the first one.
New engine, new console, new mechanics, new region... Not all of the year was porting over those pokemon.

So clearly porting stuff in a professional way isn't as simple as that, in particular for a completely new game engine and even more for a new setting. It's highly probable it may've taken over one year of extra work.
I'm unsure as to what sort of company knowing it will be forward thinking and eventually remaking it does not look into the work flow process to streamline that. Once the 3d models are created, that is that. The models can be downscale, flated, mapped, and texture edited but once they are there, short of a QC pass or 2, to ensure outliers don't exist (which should be happening in any case), the porting over the actual pokemon's data is not going to be the long thing here.

Ctrl+c and ctrl+v only works if both engines have compatible languages, but that is a luxury in the land of programming, not a given, even inside the same studio. And that would be assuming they're sticking to the same formulas instead of trying new stuff.
Have the languages pull that information from a core info dump. I build spreadsheets for companies tk send bulk application requests for payment. Wherever that information comes from, whatever systems you have in place, if you cannot export that into a common language (i.e, Csv) and then have that information elsewhere, then you have to go through a painstaking process of getting that information from screen 1 to screen 2. I can do this for companies who can afford to pay my minimum rare for an afternoon, or for major international construction companies.

That pokemon, of all companies, is not able to export from their own version of essentially Pokémon Hacking software, and have that exported into a game file in a matter of minutes is a ridiculous thought.