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    Quote Originally Posted by lord_khaine View Post
    Yeah.. but thats a luxury problem? i mean if you have to much chaff you just declare war on somebody and throw it at them.
    I noticed the fisherman commander, but he caught so many magiccarp it seemed a waste to have him.
    Well you're gonna need that chaff for the war since you 've been skipping on research by recruiting non-mages.

    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    I recruited a couple first turn while I was bulking out the starting army and just stuck 'em on Patrol in the capital. They make a fair number of Goldeen and some Seel as well. As for the Magikarp.. well, like you said, send 'em out with a commander on Bodyguard and eventually you'll get some 'free' Gyarados. Or they'll die. No great loss.

    - Vermilion City: Giving some of the Pikachu variants Storm Power might be appropriate, both thematically and to give their attacks a little more punch - Armor Negating Shock damage is a good place to start, but they're still super low damage and will take a number of hits to actually bring anything down. Thunderers and maybe evolved Raichu?
    Oh, storm power sounds like a lovely idea to spread around Vermillion city indeed, will do!

    Quote Originally Posted by tyckspoon View Post
    (Something that's been bothering me about the pokemon project in general - you've been using a lot of variant ranged attacks, which makes sense for what you're trying to represent, but does it actually work? Can a troop use more than one ranged attack at a time? If not then something like the Thunderer is a lot weaker than what you might have wanted, since there's no reason for them not to just use Thunder all the time.)
    Yes, a single unit can use multiple ranged weapons.

    Exhibit A being MOOSE RIDERS! They have not one but TWO SHORT BOWS! It's one ot the things that made me fall in love with dominions at first sight.

    A Larpas is fine too making use all of all three ranged attacks.

    There's also the issue of ammo, stronger weapon-moves usually have less.

    Fuchsia City basic planning:
    -Juggler trainer: basic priest, calls koffing/weezing.
    -Ninja Boy trainer: stealthy, assassin, gets grimmer/muk.
    -Tamer trainer: strong commander, gets arbok, spawns ekans.
    -Lass trainer: basic stealthy spy, gets beedrill.
    -Also nidoran male/female (forts) plus evolutions, Zubats (foreign recruit) and golbats (cave) and venonats(foreign) and venomoths (forest)
    -Magic is strong death, bit of astral (ghosts, teleporting), nature (lots of poison spells), earth (nidoqueen/king).
    -Both Koga and Janine as heroes.
    -Not that many poison pokemon in the first game so include ghastly, haunter and gengar. Plus they're as ninja as it gets. Ethereal. Later first ghost gym gets sacred and shiny and other alternate ghost versions besides basic ones like Vermillion City gets lots of pikachu. Ditto for bugs, add weedle/kakuna/beedrill.
    -Champions/legendary pokemon: Venomoth(forests), Weezing(fort/city), Muk(swamp), Golbat (cave).

    Not very sure who should be sacred here. Koga really loves his venonats/venomoths so maybe those?

    Other suggestions welcome of course.
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