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    yeah thats kind of another reason why I play indie games as well: they're often obscure and not well known, so there is no reason to bother with checking for guides in the first place, giving another measure of exploration and surprise to playing them. but at the same time, for more well known games it is a bit annoying for the guides to be less usable, but at the same time, I find it encourages me to only go for small bits information I really need so as to minimize my need to be guided. part of the fun of games is supposed to be figuring them out after all, so from a certain perspective while its more annoying and less convenient when its really needed, it kind of encourages you to be better at actually playing the game rather than relying on the guide. guides should be last resort anyways.

    as for visual novels, yeah, they're bad as games. they're good things to watch in lets plays though. why spend the money when you can experience the railroad for free?
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