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Ota has no skills related to cooking (he's got one spare skill point to put as a cross-class skill in either Survival or Profession (Cook), so that'd make one half of a skill rank in either case), but if all that's needed is enthusiasm he can do that :). Or, a suggestion of Chimaera: how about Craft (brewery) ? :D Them sailors need some alcoholed liquid that doesn't go bad :)

He's got one rank in Profession (Sailor) and six ranks in Knowledge (Geography) though, so he might be of help to Sophie steering the ship?

If all else fails, he's got one rank in Craft (Shipbuilding), so provided there's some Small-sized tools aboard, he can work at repairing various stuff :)

Or a combination of any of the above.
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Yeah, I didn't think it through at character creation. Like I said Eldon got an artifact that heals wounds. Is there a surgeon on the ship? Maybe Eldon can be his assistant to look after sick persons?

If there is no other options. I guess working as a janitor is also acceptable?
There is neither surgeon nor carpenter aboard the Vensinda (a role that is/was often filled by a single person) I think it would be fitting if Ota and Eldon offered their services in this capacity, and perhaps were assigned as assistants to Ubirajara as well.

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Should I post IC that I pick up the skill fairly well?
Sounds fair to me!