Zellara smiles at Kat and Xen's questions. "To be honest, it would be inaccurate to say I contacted you specifically," she says. "I found the connection we have due to our mutual antagonism towards Gaedren, and let the cards do the rest. Similarly," the Varisian woman nods at Xen, "I can use this same connection to draw more from a Harrow reading than would normally be possible. It will also be an opportunity for the traditional benefits of a prophetic glimpse of the future, and advantage I believe we would best utilize."

As she speaks, Zellara picks up the deck again, shuffling it almost absentmindedly before taking it in one hand, holding the deck out. "This is the Choosing - each of you, please draw one card from the deck, then lay it out on the table face up," she says. Once the cards are chosen and revealed, she looks at each in turn, nodding before she sits back.

"All of these are of the Keys suite, an omen in of itself," she comments. "Keep your wits about you. We must be flexible to overcome the challenges before us..." she looks to the cards on the table one-by-one. "Xen'vael and the Avalance - unrelenting disaster. As a first draw, particularly ominous. A danger greater than we expect, perhaps." Zellara pauses a moment before moving onto the next card. "Astaria, the Crows. Traditionally, the loss of a loved one...or a treasured possession. Remain watchful," she looks her in the eye for a moment before nodding, moving on. "Kamorkas, with the Rabbit Prince. The capricious nature of combat. Were it not already certain, this would be an omen of coming violence, fate in the balance of a single miss-step or fortunate strike." Zellara nods, then continues. "Ah, Katell - the Dance. Far less grim. A promise of good fortune, as long as one remains in harmony."

Zellara collects the cards again, shuffling them into the deck. With one hand she draws nine cards, setting each on the table face-down, in a three-by-three grid. "This is what is often called 'the Spread'," she explains as she places the cards."Typically, each column represents a time - past, present, and future," she says, slowly passing her hand over the three cards of the first column. "However, I will be using these to guide us to Gaedren and his demise. For the moment, the present."

With a shift of her hand, Zellara turns over the first card of the second column, uncovering each in turn. "The Betrayal - selfishness will lead to ruin. The Tangled Briar, the return of old triumphs - and the Juggler, favored by fate. Fortuitous opportunity presents itself, a chance to regain what was lost or could have been...but only if we remain together," Zellara smiles, and nods towards Kat. "In harmony."

Without more than a brief pause, Zellara moves to the third column. "The Liar; love at its most treacherous. The Rakshasa, domination both mundane and magical...and the Lost, the stripping away of identity itself. A dark trio," she frowns. "Before us lies a great treachery, deceit that threatens to lure us into prisons mental and physical, only to wipe away that which makes us who we are."

Zellara uncovers the first column, though she names each card before turning it over. "The Uprising. A tide of support from the many. The Theater, and the Marriage. Gaedren hides behind a union of falsehoods, roles on a stage - an act to draw up the support of the people," she looks up again. "Perhaps this is the deception the future holds. To pull aside the curtain and pass behind the stage, we must uproot the production and the shielding falsehood it bears. The first step to his end will be taken in the old fishery at the western edge of Old Korvosa, in the shadow of the old wall."