Astaria tried to take in Zellara's explanation; she'd heard the basics before, but this seemed... more. Much more, and in ways she didn't understand.

She wonders about the other guests, and the portents revealed in their cards, but her own is by far the strangest to her. She closes her eyes for a moment in contemplation. The loss of a loved one? Or a treasured possession? I don't think I understand, as I believe I have neither. Without thinking she places a hand on her holy symbol. Well, I suppose there is this, but even its value to me is mostly symbolic lost and found, broken and restored. I don't know why, but this Choosing... it fills me with dread. Perhaps even yet I do not know the value of what I stand to lose...

Enough. Gaedren has darkened your heart enough. The prospect of his influence being cleansed from this city should be no cause for further darkness. Look towards the Light.

Her eyes open and a smile begins to form at the corners of her mouth. "The old fishery? The old wall. Old Korvosa. Sounds like the perfect start for a new beginning, out from under Gaedren's shadow." She turns and politely inclines her head towards Kat, and gestures at her uniform "I feel it may prudent to inquire, Lady Kat, for as from what you have said you have more than enough reason to seek Gaedren. If you don't mind, I am curious though as to what extent would you be participating as a private citizen, and to what extent as a member of your guard?" She reaches out for a small roll of bread as she speaks, her eyes oddly mischievous.