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    Default Re: Got a Real-World Weapon, Armour or Tactics Question? Mk. XXVIII

    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyShadow View Post
    @KineticDiplomat: We're looking at no later than 1953, if that helps. Any vehicle recommendations for evac?
    Helos, specifically the small two man types you see in the opening sequence from M*A*S*H.

    Oh, kind of an important question I forgot to ask earlier. How likely would it be for the PMCs to mistake my group's characters for enemy combatants?

    Thanks for the help, everyone!
    As high or as low as you need. Assuming PMCs are recruited from friendly neighbours there isn't much to differentiate between the majority ethnic group in America or Russian on visual inspection. A squad of black guys is probably from the US if they're speaking in English, but that's no guarantee given that the Soviets were mucking about in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    This isn't like WWII where an Asian guy fighting in France by default is on the Allied side of the conflict.

    You have to remember that these PMCs are in a combat zone, they're either discharged soldiers, or were never stable enough to join an army to begin with. So apply your preferred level of paranoia and go.
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