Stromulus Manor

"The radiation only seems to be an issue if I truly lose my temper, but it shouldn't be something that happens often. If it does, then just dump cold water on me and it should snap me back and get me to cool it." Norael advises before sighing and sitting up some. "Well, I can't say what'll happen I guess, but I suppose I'll do it and go from there. Even though I plan to use this to my advantage, I do want assurances that if I lose my own will that you will remove the curse. I can promise you that I will be far more useful to you and KABAL back to my normal self over being a full angel with no willpower." She gives another sigh and reaches up to rub her face tiredly. "If you don't mind, I should head back, get some sleep, and then talk to my friend and get this going. But before I go, do let me know if you have any more work or jobs that I can do. I did enjoy the fieldwork surprisingly enough even if I harbor...distaste at how it ended."