I hate that I'm being pushed to attend trauma therapy, but the whole process towards that will be a damn hustle on its own. Closest trauma therapists are like 40km away, they cost a lot even with the social security system covering most of it, transport there and pack will add up... on top of that, the therapists might not have any open slots for new clients for months. Then, you need to go for an assessment appointment or two, and those assessments to see if you're fit to become their client, you have to pay the full amount. Social security pays zilch. Oh, and it might take even 3 months to get an assessment. Then another month, two or three to start the actual therapy.

I'm not ready for this hustle.

And I most definitely do not want my dad's wife to be my therapist, no matter how much my dad thinks it's a good idea. (I've talked through this thing with both of them, the wife is more like, eh if you want to I don't mind, but ofc it'll be awkward, and dad is like HEY BONDING EXPERIENCE dad please you don't understand)