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Thundermarket Shopping Centre

The orcs mill around a little, slightly confused as to what to do. Eventually, their sergeant bulls his way through the others and stands with his arms crossed before the crowd. "We are here to do some shopping, just like you. We are not on official business, and none of you are at risk from us- unless, of course, you attempt to harm us, first." The orcs behind the sergeant also put away the tasers and cudgels they were holding, and make sure (not very subtly) that their guns are in easy reach. The crowd has them out-numbered, but they hopefully have the crowd out-gunned.
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Thundermarket Shopping Centre

Parking regulations in skyside?!
Not to mention that she was pretty sure that crowd and the orcs were ignoring parking regulations as well yet he was focusing on her for some reason.

Thus guy couldn't be more suspicious. Thus she is going to use her tail to pull her gun and be ready for some hostile actions as the tune of the melody suddenly changes. Now the crowd suddenly will feel like they didn't have a care in the world and want to dance and be lured towards the source of the music, which would be her own car. The person knocking on her window might be influenced as well and so will the orcs unless they block off the music with earplugs or ear muffs. Something Jaahlyn have instructed them to do should ever her music change.
Thundermarket Shopping Centre

The crowed watches the orcs, amon their people there are a few guns, but with the mass of people it is hard to make numbers. Not that it matters right now since they start to go off to the musiks source as they are lured o it. Still enougth manage to withstand to reply to the orcs. "You already attacked our people. We were told you dragged one into an alley and nearly beat him to death." One man replies. It's hard to make out who said that even thought the mass is clearing due to the musik.
If the Orcs know about Jaahlyn's new vehicle they might notice the man standing next to it.

Parking regulations are common in this area. Arkant not only took over parts he already improved some things. After all if people place their cars anywhere how can you transort the good you make money with? The orcs sure violate them, too but the people have no cars here so they are just meet in public. The man sights as he got no answer and appears to turn away. Then he takes a deep breath like he wants to say something important Jaahlyn might notice the silhouette getting a bit bigger. He then dissapears from the window, ducking under it as he grabs the car and lift it up unless anything stops him. His strength is extraordinary and since she onlly got such a small car he can lift it easily. Should it work, then he will take her away, still cautiouse what she will do.