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    DMG EXP Calculations. Pages 82-84.
    Creating a Monster DMG pg 283.

    Not having a physical copy is a pain!!

    Ok, the Pegasus is a CR 2.
    And, the Unicorn is a CR 5.

    So would the Legendary Alicorn be a CR 8?
    Move 50 (1,000 lb limit) Fly 50. (500 lb limit)

    Innate Telepathy 60 feet.
    At Will: Viscous Mockery, Eldritch Blast (Radiant with Repelling), and Raise Dead.
    Once a day: Sickening Radiance as Aura. (Suggested by DM Peter)

    Save DC 14.
    3 Spell slots: Phantasmal Killer, Greater Invisibility, Counterspell.

    Healing Touch 3/day for 5d8 HP each.
    Teleport 3 times a day.

    Attacks are considered magical.
    +8 Hit 2d8+4 blunt (x2 hooves) and 2d10 Pierce (Horn).

    Same Legendary Actions as Unicorns.
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