Parks and Reanimation

Jaahlyn opens her mouth as if to reply to Fidelia's first question when she sees the approaching animal and for a moment her eyes widen.
Dog!, she has to reminds herself, not Wolf!. It had been way too long, she shouldn't have to remind herself of these things.
"Um, what should I do? Where should I stand?" The satyr looks around in sudden wild bewilderment as it becomes clear that she is coming.
It had suddenly occurs to her that sitting here in the corner just behind the door might look a tad suspicious to the person entering and she really didn't to want to look suspicious to the ghoul knight.

[Jinn's Emporium]

"Of course! Just come on in, oh seeker of the true arts! Just mind the guard!~" The door suddenly slide open revealing what appears to be a lobby. Though in addition to what you might usually see in a lobby, there is also a huge glass window overlooking a huge featureless room completely in white.
The only person in the waiting room appears to be a tall horned woman in a form-fitting black armor who pushes away something in-between the cushions of the couch she's sitting in. She turns to him, her face masked by a visor and let's out a burp. "Uh, sorry."

"Just don't mind the guard!~" Sihori repeats. "She does not represent this facility!~"

Thundermarket Shopping Centre

Jaahlyn continues playing until the man is attempting to lift the car.
Welp. So much for that ride.
The boss was not going to be happy with this, she would have to cut her loses right here and now.

She instantly stops playing and pockets her flute before removing her safety-belt. Then as the car is suddenly being lifted, the opens the door and leaps out, running away from the orcs and the crowds.
"Abort, abort. We're pulling out!" She tells the orcs as she hits the speed-dial on her phone.