"Fair enough. Lead the way." Despite the unpleasant company, Kat follows the gnome inside, trying to keep her "Just doin' my job" mask on over the tension in her gut. This could go wrong in a hurry. Her last act before ducking through the door is to nod to the little voice in her head. "I'll let you know."

Kat smirks at the back and forth between the pair. Yargin was no more pleasant, but at least he was pretending. While they yell at each other, she murmurs "Yargin's here, all right. Got a big guard dog inside too."

"Ah, fire 'spection. Like I told your friend, one of the big hats got it in his head to send the watch 'round to look over properties that might be at risk. Got us combing the whole island. Anything to look like he's doing something, I suppose."

"Well, the fishery's on the list, on account of what happened with the storehouse. Don't mean to cause you any headaches, I'll be quick about it. Just need to do a run of the place, make sure there's nothing terribly dangerous, keeping yourselves safe. May I?"