Stromulus Manor

Norael waves at her mouthless face. "Can't really eat or drink, but I appreciate the sentiment. I honestly need to figure out what this body sustains itself on, but at the moment I'm not feeling hungry so I think I might not need any real sustenance. Don't need air either." The angel gives another sigh before nodding and sitting up at the edge of the chair. "I really do appreciate talking to you like this, Boss. Helps reassure me after a change like this. I don't know much about angels, but you certainly seemed to. If you don't mind though, I should probably head home and get some sleep. Make some plans and figure out the transfer ritual after some research. If you'd like, I can make a copy of my research for your own use. The White Circle tends to have access to tomes never seen by others so maybe there's something of use for you."