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Ok, this is going to be more than a little fantastic, and im making up the details as I go, so hear me out. One of the biggest problems with making a pokemon MMO is how the ever loving heck do you balance hundreds upon hundreds of pokemon in this type of setting as you act as a trainer and build up your crew? Its basically certain that either they will be boring bland identical classes with flavor text or at best type weaknesses and such, meaning every charmander type has a fire blast, every squirtle type has a water blast, every bulbasaur type a leaf blast that does the same damage and the only difference is what type it hurts more and the visual display, or there WILL be 95% of the choices being garbage and the remaining 5% will be the clear and obvious choices. So how to fix that? I got the idea from a pokemon fanfic I read where one of the legendary beasts decided he was going to do the pokemon league challenge himself. In his case he basically carried a ton of wooden signposts with him with various messages prewritten on them to tell the humans what he was up to but that part isnt important.

What is important is it gave me the idea for a pokemon based mmo where you play as one of a select group of pokemon choices. So instead of having 1247 pokemon to try and balance, it is a dozen or however many would be a good starting point, perhaps one per type. The other species being npcs. Sort of like the mystery dungeon game really. There is some sort of threat out there and you are a brave young, I dunno, magikarp, who wants to save the pokemon world. We have seen in the various anime that pokemon in the wild often do group together into what amounts to communities, so that covers the variation of cities that are in most mmo games, as well as giving us quest hubs to do various things. Reputation is a big deal as you can imagine most grass type communities will be a bit nervous if a magmar wants to wander through their territory. Also your choice of pokemon type will determine what you can or cant do effectively. Said magmar is going to have a rough time helping out the tentacruel who is stuck at the bottom on the lake. Said tentacruel would not be very effective reaching the flying type flocks who need help doing blah blah blah.

Leveling up would work like most other mmos. You unlock new abilities, get better at your old ones, and of course, eventually you get to evolve. You could even do a whole process with evolution, like unlocking the ability to do so whenever you want because you might want to stay a bulbasaur rather than be an ivysaur for some reason. Or wait till you can skip straight to venusaur. As for bad guys to fight, there can be other pokemon by themselves, the evil/controlled servants of whatever bad guy the game has, or even human trainers trying to catch you.
Alternatively, you could have a small number of different chassis with different abilities but lots of different skins covering all pokemon and half of them being pikachu/charizard variants.

Alternatively alternatively, you could have keep differences to a minimum. So a sparrow and pidgey and all the normal bird pokemon mostly have the same abilities and stats with just one or two differences each.