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    Quote Originally Posted by n00b View Post
    Dumont Castelle, Ghostwise Halfling, Circle of the Land Druid. His father and mother were both adventurers previously and settled down to run a farm. Although Dumont knew he didn't want to be a farmer he did have a love of plants so he became a Druid. He uses his knowledge of plants (and animals) to cook wonderful meals. He really sees himself as a Chef! His ultimate desire is to find the recipe for Ambrosia to prepare for his nature goddess. He is proficient in Cook's utensils, Herbalism Kit, and Poisoner's Kit (he does have a bit of a dark side).

    Thanks in advance!
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonearth View Post
    I have a character that I really don't know what to do with as I have never made a person like him before. This is for a horror campaign
    Race: Warforged
    Class: Fighter
    Background: Soldier
    Level 3
    He is a dexterity based ranged Battle Master.
    Age is 84 ( not in Eberon)
    Quote Originally Posted by moonfly7 View Post
    So, I always write my own backstories, and this next character is no exception. In fact, he is a main character in a book I'm currently writing, having first been made for DND, transferred to a book, and then back to DND. But quite frankly, your an AMAZING author, and I would be honored if you would take a crack at Asterius Velo, I need to see how you interpret this.
    Asterius velo: variant human
    Class: Artificer (cannot cast spells in any way)
    Hair and eye color: Brown
    Subclass: artilerist
    Yes! I will be honored to do all three of these! I have only a few in front - that I am going to sit down and do right now! And I'd be more than happy to take a swing at these. :)
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