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I can address JNAProductions's and jayem's comments at the same time.

Within the setting, people actually can reach Disgaea-like levels of power. But I don't want to have sets of twelve-digit numbers on character sheets, so I abstracted the numbers. While people in-world will say "Wow, Jim-Bob's Strength is 1500!", players at the table will only need to know that Jim-Bob's Strength is "+10". I want to avoid video-gamey JRPG type mechanics, because they're just too hard to use at the tabletop with paper, pencil, and maybe a calculator. The numbers reach those heights mainly for narrative purposes. When the enemy is way too high level, the party can find out by exactly how much, and know when it IS possible to take them on by something a little more structured than DM fiat. Also, it helps keep high-powered NPCs organized, cuz' I can tell who's likely to come out on top when they have reason to oppose each other.

I mainly want this to be a narrative-focused game, but in this case, the numbers are PART of the narrative.