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Thread: [Empire 5] IC Thread

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    Region G25
    Commonwealth of Zara
    Cool subtitle tbd

    Leader: Governor Mizusk Iskanem
    Round 3 (217506 - 217508 GD, 3 FC)


    1. [Economy] Buyout TP 2 for Pocket Factories in E25: 16

    2. [Economy] Buyout TP 1 for Vanadium in F28: 15

    3. [Intrigue] Rescue the captured crew from G27: 18
    With luck, the crew will be rescued; without luck, ll it takes is a little censorship. Either way, it will make an excellent show.

    4. [Intrigue] Research Prosperity's Ruin: 12
    The black hole generator accident provides an excellent opportunity to study the generators, hopefully with more success than the Celestians had.

    5. [Intrigue] Secret: 2
    Someone might be leaking info at this point....


    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • .

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 4
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 7

    New Ruler Next Round? No

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Econ, +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Military units: 1
    • Zara* SDS

    Resources controlled:
    • G25: Entertainment


    Caller Fragments:

    Religion bonuses:

    Organization bonuses:

    Saved actions:
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