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    The Gelean Republic
    Leader: Admiral of the Scavenger Fleet, Elizabeth of Rios Arcology

    News and Rumors

    [Dip] Stabilize L10 (TN 12, Roll 16) - The destruction of Ascendant Aurora threw the region into disarray, but it didn't take long for the government to step in. Strategic use of Empaths along with more conventional measures proved effective at calming the unrest, though the prominence of One followers in the region prevented a total dissolution of tension.

    [Dip] Eradicators Rep 1->2 (TN 12, Roll 11) - Communiques with the notorious Pirates continued, though didn't progress far this year.

    [Dip] Establish a Claim on L8 (TN 12, Roll 12) - Reaching out to the Killbot-architects vying for power, Admiral Elizabeth made arrangements for Clara of Rios Arcology, a trusted and technically skilled cousin of hers, to take a retinue and ingratiate herself into one of the subfactions to learn some of their secrets in return for Gelean political backing and economic support. From there, efforts can be made to bring the leaders of that faction tightly under Gelean sway and maneuver it to the top of the heap.

    [Dip] Couriers Rep 0->1 (TN 10, Roll 15) - Trying again to establish a rapport with the mysterious Couriers that they were indebted to, a few token gifts were made of trained Space Whales, intended as pets or companions for the Relays.

    [Mil] Conquer K7 (Send 2 units, Uncontested) - The mysterious planet holding together at the edge of a black hole was a mystery, but it had little in the way of defenses. The existing civilizations were brought to heel with only a token show of military resistance. A few stragglers were driven underground, but formal surrender was declared within 12 hours of arrival in orbit.

    - Accept Kombuch Embassy - In response to diplomatic overtures and a request for an Embassy Site, Parliament chose to cede an island on Verne to support social and economic exchange between the neighbors.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Elizabeth of Rios Arcology, Admiral of the Scavenger Fleet
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 4
    Economy: 6
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 3

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    Stolen from Kaio. It's a nice at-a-glance summary.

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 4/6
    - Gelean First Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Foundation, First Lensman, and Modern Prometheus, along with their support vessels and drones.
    - Gelean Second Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Princess of Mars, Death of Grass, and Wrinkle in Time, along with their support vessels and drones.
    - An'Null's Hopefuls 1
    - An'Null's Hopefuls 2

    Embassies: None Active

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Empath Agents: 2d8 for Stabilization and resisting Unrest in the Capital
    Permanant Cultural Identity - EMPTY

    Military Specialization- EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts
    - K9 (Screeching Crystals) TP1
    - L10 (Space Whales) TP1

    Spoiler: Expected Stat Gains
    +2 Dip

    Spoiler: Link to Rolls
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