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Parks and Reanimation

Fidelia grows a little more inquisitive - but it's not over the options. "Wait, lifespans?" Well, that's probably a good sign towards how well this woman could be trusted over matters of undeath and such, right? And even if it isn't, Fidelia's never met someone whose been resurrected or reincarnated or any of those sorts of things! It's a pretty cool thing, even for a Nexus native like her.

Jaahlynn probably doesn't get the chance to answer before Romero pulls their attention to the door. "Oh, uh, I- I think that's her!" Fidelia moves to open the door, her demeanor noticeably brightening.
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Parks and Reanimation

Jaahlyn opens her mouth as if to reply to Fidelia's first question when she sees the approaching animal and for a moment her eyes widen.
Dog!, she has to reminds herself, not Wolf!. It had been way too long, she shouldn't have to remind herself of these things.
"Um, what should I do? Where should I stand?" The satyr looks around in sudden wild bewilderment as it becomes clear that she is coming.
It had suddenly occurs to her that sitting here in the corner just behind the door might look a tad suspicious to the person entering and she really didn't to want to look suspicious to the ghoul knight.
There's the sound of someone fiddling with keys, before Fidelia opens the door first. MEATSMELL Saint Lazarus shrugs, before pulling her helmet off of her head, giving her matted hair a shake, and then reaching for the doorknob to pull the keys back out and plunk them into her upside-down helmet, where they'll be safe and easy to find later. Romero, in the meantime, has been wagging his tail excitedly the whole time, waiting for Jenette to finish up with her weird human business and attend to more important matters, like saying hi to the very cute dog who's sitting patiently here for you yes henlo it me dog pls be giving luv and snax and pets now.

"Hey Fi, can you hold still Romero for a second? I got a new harness while I was out an-" No, shh, quiet. Something's off here. This isn't the apartment Jenette expected to come home to, not exactly. You can smell it in the air, can't you? Romero seems just a little more high-strung than usual, doesn't he? Jenette wordlessly places a wary hand on the grip of her zweihander as she steps inside. She still hasn't spotted Jaahlyn just yet.