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    Quote Originally Posted by Resileaf View Post
    Well, if your armies are good enough to conquer your enemies right now, your economy will stabilize on its own when you start conquering more lands during realm divide. If you don't already have them, I highly suggest taking the trade nodes on the left side of the map. Add multiple trade ships on them, there is a slight diminishing return, but you can easily have five or six ship on a trade node and still make bank.
    That is something I've been attempting. I've laid claim to at least two of them, the problem is that the Yamana clan, who've been a thorn in my side since I unified Kyushu, have about a dozen fleets they use to harrass my trade routes and blockade my ports, so in the end I barely benefit from them.

    That's actually the primary source of my economic woes and the reason I've steadily been going up southern Honshu rather than moving to Shikoku as I'd originally planned, because the Yamana keep throwing stacks of samurai at me and they always seem to have one more town so they're never fully eliminated as a problem. I'm dreading when I have to challenge the Uesugi. They've come to dominate northern Honshu!
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