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-Reduced Geodude HP and protection by 1.
-Rhyhorn loses slash and pierce resistance and gains blunt resistance, -5 costs.
-Rhyhorn rider loses both resistances and gains +2 HP, -10 costs.
-Kabuto and Omanyte discounted 10 gold each.
-About highlands, theyr're technically using the mountain code. I believe it's more than what we used to know as mountains in Dominions 4 are called highlands in Dominions 5. There's still border mountains and seemingly "normal" mountains, but thing is, those aren't generated in a random map, they need to be manually added in, and are more rare overall, so that's why I left it as using highlands for now. There is code for border mountains (which can be combined with highlands), but not code for "normal" mountains it seems.
I might bring Kabuto cost back up just a bit; Kabuto itself is mediocre at best, but Kabutops are pretty nuts and just recruiting tons of Kabuto and parking them in a training center is a very cost (but not time.. although compared to needing to break into underwater, build a fort, and recruit probably 1/turn there if you can get a place with enough recruit points, it's still competitive) efficient means of getting them. Consider if you could, say, recruit a regular Jaguar and if you kept it alive for five turns it turns into an Ozelotl (Mictlan jaguar-bat demon summons.) What would you consider a fair cost for those demon seeds?