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The hardest part of home repairs, and/or remodeling is getting the contractor to show up and/or finish on time. We have a cleaning lady that shows up about half the time, and when she shows up half the time she is hours late. When we remodeled the kitchen and the bath the contractors would come out in random intervals.

I am pretty sure that the folks I hire take new jobs, juggle them, and that completing any of the jobs on time is not a top priority (getting new work, starting the new work, and doing enough to keep the customers from firing them seems to be the priority). My goal is to get it done, and there goal is to make sure they have a steady income. A large part of the job of a general contractor seems to be mainly getting people to show up and work. Not that I have hired anyone like that for a job (mine have all been small).

Yes. I worked for a boss like this. I did low voltage work, fire and security systems mainly. Our day was so stupidly inefficient. Go to work site 1 for 2 hours, leave and go to work site 2 for a couple hours, and at any point if someone called screaming loud enough we dropped everything to go to work site 3 to do whatever job he took on then promptly ignored till now. It was awful. We could have done each job one per day most likely, its not THAT hard to drill holes in the frame of a new house and run wires through it all then come back when the sheet rock is up and install the devices, but no, we had to try to keep everyone at just above the "you're fired" point of rage at us by doing little bits of work every day or two and take forever to finish anything. I wasnt surprised when a couple years ago i tried to track his info down so I could update my resume he was out of business.