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Come to think of it, the greatest flaw in Hel's plan is Hel herself and her impatience.

Follow my thought:

Suppose everything that happened until Durkon's vampirization happens the same way. Then, she gets a High Level Cleric. Instead of sending him to vote in a Godsmoot and makes lots of arrangements for a tiebraker vote to be tampered, she could simply tell Durkon* to be discrete and follow the order to their final destination at Kraagor's gate. There, instead of focusing o Xykon and Team Evil, he could concentrate in trying to destroy the gate, and thus give the other gods a reason to destroy the world.

I mean, the vote was already a close one. If the last gate fell, they would probably decide for "destroy the world".

But she just couldn't wait...
Hel has screwed up repeatedly. In fact, she is pretty immature and childish.

For example, she could just not have revealed what she was trying to do at the Godsmoot. This might have changed two things:

1) Hermod just might not have switched his vote. Hard to say. The gloating and revealing her plan did not help her there, at least.

2) It would have made the opposition to her activities much more half-hearted. Durkula could have pretended that he cared about the souls of the world and so could Hel to a degree. Roy was not certain that Heimdall wasn't right. The Order still probably would have fought Durkula's plans, but they would have been more half-hearted.

This is also pointed out by Loki, how a premature villain gloat from Hel means he is a failure as a parent. Sure, he's being sarcastic, but he's also making a point. Furthermore, we also know that the gods are able to be evasive in stating their motivations for their votes - Thrym at least was evasive and did not open up what he actual motives were.