The truth was, Hitomi had always had a child to take her place in the hellscape she'd inherited, to free herself from queendom of a circle of succubi and incubi, and Hitomi had left Isadora there, with her soft, good heart, and had gone off on her own.
For freedom.

But this was not something she could easily explain to Inigo, who had loved his daughter in the way a father should.
Purely. Sweetly. Strongly.
Hitomi had always suspected that if it had come down to a choice between Hitomi and Isadora, Inigo would not have hesitated to pick the young woman who'd inherited his dark hair and moral fortitude.

"She was, uh...not with me. But she is not where I left her, either."
But Hitomi grabs for Inigo's arms, holding him gently in place.

"Don't fret. She's an adult and I'm sure she's fine. I just... need her back."