"Valgret, Valten. Starchildren. Born of stars. Starborn. Valten for a boy, Valgret for a girl. Am I being silly?" Arnadred looks to Aburnar for an answer.

"We don't have to go to Sarahu. Well, we don't have to go yet. There are plenty of places to go." Arnadred soaks up the view of the city. It's tall offices and glimpse of normal life draw her gaze more than any mansion.

When they enter the workshop Arnadred seems amazed. "Do you mean stealing?" She teases and runs away towards the ship. She walks around it, tracing her hand along the outside. When she makes her way around she appears more confident. "If I had known that I was only getting this little thing, I should have…" She bursts into laughter before finishing the joke. "Show me the inside."

“Sorry for the small space, hope you don’t mind. This is not luxurious, but should prove effective enough. More comfortable than being a stowaway in any case.” He offers, giving a hopeful look that his improvisation to this situation is appreciated.
Arnadred jumps at Aburnar and wraps her whole body around him. She plants kiss after kiss on him. "This. Is. Perfect." Her words barely come out. Slowly, she calms down and stands back on her own feet. "It's acceptable for now. I guess." She bites her lip and continues to stare at Aburnar. Finally she turns towards the pilot controls.

"Where do you want to be?" She asks, but her hands are already hovering over the steering controls.

Spoiler: Zaqaru: PM
Bolkas returns the kiss and runs his hands over Ayallal. He lets himself become distracted in the moment. After they stop he leans back and lets the ceiling overwhelm his vision. "Spies? Seekers of Secrets. I admit that I am looking forward to seeing some of your elusive services." Bolkas chuckles.

"We've offered Berger a literal ton of goods [eight trade] to remain neutral. I'm not sure how easy it would be to change his deal, but if we can approach him with the offer to turn his sister over to him… or, perhaps it should be Alexander that presents her to him. It may allow us to avoid swearing fealty to Alexander if we hand Lady Berger over to him, and thus giving him Berger's backing."

"A longer game might be to put Lady Berger back in her rightful place." Bolkas smiles, "It would disrupt our plan, but she would probably be a more stable ally. And she may feel that she owes us."

"I need to make a call." Bolkas gently moves around Ayallal and stands up. He opens a communication device and punches some numbers into it. His face lights up as it scans over him. A white robed figure is produced before him.

"Bolkas?" The figure asks.

"Reroute Echo Charlie Alpha to Berger and see if that helps sway him." He cuts the transmission before there is any response.

He turns back to Ayallal. "There's a lot of work to be done here. And I think that there is a discussion that we need to have. Gilkara will lay down every last resource for this venture. I appreciate the time we have spent together Ayallal, but I'm not so naive to think that your doing all this for love. I know I'm not that good." He smiles playfully.

"What is Zaqaru's reward here? What do you accomplish by helping us. And yes, we will take your help no matter what your answer." Bolkas sits back down, his face is serious, and his hand clamps roughly onto Ayallal's thigh. He stares at her, reading her, judging her.

Bolkas pulls her very close to him and maneuvers her leg around his waist. "Well," his demeanor shifts away from the serious tone. "I know what your reward will be." He licks his lips.

Spoiler: Voss: PM
"I believe that I have misjudged what kind of agreement we need to forge. I know that you want independence, as do I. I've been threatened by Alexander that he'll back his sister if I don't swear fealty. I only see one way out of that. I would like to offer Lady Berger to Alexander, so that he can gain Lord Berger's support. I will enter a pact with you. Not a defensive pact, a full 100% throw down pact. Your enemies will be my enemies.

I will also pay you five trade for this, assuming that Berger isn't more easily swayed than I predict."

Spoiler: Berger: PM
"I have heard that you prefer clandestine operatives over trade. I can grant you six such operatives for immediate use. Because F- that silked bitch. She came into your halls with soldiers uninvited. If that doesn't sound like an invasion then I don't know what does.

I'm also hoping that you'll find a way to back Alexander. I know, i'm changing my mind a lot. But i'm trying to update you as best I can. You really have the power here. Everyone knows that you are the key to this conference. What are you thinking?"
[I am offering 6 agents instead of 8 trade]

Spoiler: Alexander Laramy:PM
"I have a proposition in the works. I know that you want me to swear fealty, and you know that I'm doing everything I can to not swear fealty. What if I can get you Berger's support. Or, give you the key to Berger's support?

I'm in negotiations for Lady Berger. With her, and a little push from me, you should be able to get Berger's backing. I won't bother you with the amount of resources I'm throwing around to do this, but it is well beyond any tribute you'll see from anyone else.

And I don't think it's hard to see that Tartarus and Steel will be coming for me despite anything that happens here. So, you are my better ally. To be clear, I'll be fighting in this war no matter what. Everyone here knows that.

So, unless you are certain that your sister wasn't behind the Kisko Incident and you trust her enough to let her rule over you, I think we are bedfellows for the foreseeable future.