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Upkeep triggers are absolutely not mainstep triggers. Standard currently has 31 upkeep triggers, including the Rotting Regisaur we just talked about.
You're absolutely right. I remembered that they made mainstep triggers with the Sagas, but I wasn't aware they ditched it again so quickly.

Monstrous is not evergreen, it is set specific.
I know. I'm saying the mechanic would fit for this card.
Even if you don't make it monstrous I suggested other changes.

The cauldron is an artifact, I just forgot that line. It is meant to allow you to dig deep by reducing creatures you control to tiny frogs. The idea is that they are peering into the future but the price is being transformed into creatures that cannot benefit from the knowledge.
Add that as flavortext, that'd help a lot I think.
It's still a weird card, but I get that was what you were going for.

You didn't answer why you were using the wrong formatting.