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Depends on your definition of "hero". The classical hero needs to be superhuman, capable of triumphs and tragedies beyond the scale of mere mortals. Superheroes usually need to be superhuman, but not always explicitly so. But there are plenty of genres where a perfectly normal person can save the day.
It depends on your story more than anything, and generally speaking, D&D tries to give its players simple power fantasies. If you wanted, you could run a more grounded game with more mortal protagonists...but I'd recommend against using D&D for that. (Maybe some variant of E6.)
Most of those "classical heroes" were blatantly superhumans in some way or another... those were almost the superhero stories of their day.

I don't think someone needs to be the son of Zeus or the son of Krypton to be a hero.

(I'd recommend against using D&D, flat out, but that's just me.)