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    Welcome back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxidion View Post
    I do know how to find the CR of officially existing creatures, just not how to create new creatures and calculate what their CR would be.
    This is indeed my problem.

    I can see that.
    That could work. I had some other ideas, but upon looking at the creatures stats and thinking about my answers, I realized that my ideas either wouldn't work, or were similar but frankly worse than the ideas you came up with. I feel it needs a little extra to make up for the fact it cant gain better stats by taking over a body. (1) The following ideas aren't the best, but there what I've been able to come up with. You could also possibly allow it to learn memories or the like in addition to the abilities. (2) Maybe it can gain HP or other physical benefits from its brain thief ability (it is feeding and thereby restoring itself or gaining strength. (3)
    Go ahead and put those bad ideas in, since the people here (on the Forum) can then think of other ways to improve them, or make better - different ideas, based on these.

    (1) Maybe on a failed Int Save, a boost to the Devourer's DC for the Int Save (+5 max) for 1 minute? Hopefully not against the same PC...

    (2) If this is ok with the player allowing the creature to steal some memories, and then - if it can escape - go tell it's Illithid Boss...

    (3) Sure, maybe it stole/duplicated a Hit Die from that PC, and used it for healing itself.
    Or maybe it heals itself with the 3d6 Int instead of draining from target?
    Ex: roll the 3d6 and instead of reducing the target's Int, the Devourer heals itself.
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