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Closer to 'too in possession of zimmer frames'.
As opposed to the hip n' happening Radio 3, with its party dance mixes of ... baroque and classical music.

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May I also add that just like asking what's the difference between real news and fake news.
No, there's a pretty clear distinction there. Real news is stuff that really happened (to take the least political example I could find on short notice, the University of Cardiff is no longer using plastic cups). Fake news is stuff that didn't really happen, so to take another non-political example, Canada has just declared the sale of artichokes illegal on Thursdays.

And on a completely unrelated note, all this discussion of my name's pronunciation has given me a great fey loophole idea: don't bother to hide your true name, just make it something almost impossible to pronounce.
Fairy King: I have you in my power now, Sozbnal!
Me: Nope.
FK: Z'bnal?
Me: Guess again.
FK: S.Z. Banal?
Me: Now that just sounds like a particularly bland Georgian poet.