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[Main Lodge]

The blonde woman who had only just barely arrived turns to look at Reinholdt.

"Hello," she says. "Are you also new?" The woman, Melissa, shows her decade-old GLoG pamphlet as she talks. It talks about the kinds of things they used to do back then, like redemption programs and whatever else they did before coming to the campsite. "I just found this and decided to come over to check this place out. Or...are you one of the members here?"
[Main Lodge]

Reinholdt stares at the very old pamphlet with a modicum of disbelief. Mostly that any of those still exist. They must have used some fine paper grade. "Uhh... No, actually. I'm an old member? Ex member? Something like that. One of their last redemption cases I think. Before they decided to concentrate on therapy and babies." The two admittedly go hand in hand quite well.

"I'm Reinholdt, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire," Reinholdt gives his trademarked flourish. "And you are?"