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A doctor's BMW is a personal status symbol that will sit idly most of the year.

A tradesman's vehicle is a business property granting depreciation on their taxes.

Also, you seem to have odd ideas about how tradesmen live their lives.
I am a construction Carpenter, in a union, I went to school for welding. I bet I know a lot more people in the trades than you. And yeah and oil rig welder might need a dually truck, but it apprentice plumber or a plumber probably doesn't. It's just a status symbol it's the same as the doctors BMW. I know a lot of people who are blue collar workers who spend money pretty frivolous, I'm not talking down about them I'm just telling you that people who are in that kind of world have their own little crap that they spend money on that's not really worth it. Although I might be worth it to them depends, but again I am in the trades I work with other people in the same I bet I know more people that are in those kind of feels in you do and a lot of them have trucks that are way more truck today need. Heck, I have a truck that's way more truck then I need.