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    Default Re: Magic the Gathering Thread XXIV: *Slaps Roof* This Thread Can Hold So Many Chand

    In Turbofog, you deal with your opponent's creatures by chaining together Fog type spells until you "go off" and win in some way that doesn't really interact with your opponent's board at all. Porphyry Nodes might kill all your opponent's creatures if you have infinite turns, but if you have infinite turns, why bother?

    There is one deck I'm aware of that plays it maindeck - Enduring Ideal. A deck completely focused on stalling until can cast a seven mana spell, and then tutoring out enchantments from the deck turn-by-turn until it wins. Porphyry Nodes helps with the stalling, and can be a useful target for Enduring Ideal to help stabilize. It couldn't be more well-suited - if Enduring Ideal was actually the top supervillain of Modern, Porphyry Nodes might be one of its loyal henchmen, much like Gravecrawler or Stitcher's Supplier are currently in the employ of Hogaak.
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