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Thread: El Goonish ShiVe: Look! Squirrel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mucat View Post
    Ellen: "Dammit, Tedd, did you trigger another reality slippage? Ashley, what did cats look like in the timeline you remember?"

    Okay, that would be mean.
    Elliot & Ellen have a regular cat, one that doesn't need spines to still be a little adorable sleepy murder machine. So yes, it'd be mean. And fall flat as a joke, since "we just saw your mom's cat in your house ten minutes ago" is an appropriate answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woweedd View Post
    I would say that's the dumbest theory Grey Wolf's heard, but, let's be honest: It's Grey Wolf. They've probably heard dumber theories today. Point is, neat idea, but it's a real stretch.
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