Newest NP:
If this really turns out to be a fanfic written by Ashley, Sarah, Grace or whatever, I will applaud Dan for the masterful jape he is pulling and just laugh.

if they actually kiss and its real, that means the polyamory levels goes up by another 10% and accelerates the time table of it happening from within 10 years to five years. but thats the least probable outcome of this, the more probable outcome is that they have an awkward conversation about how bad of an idea it would be to actually go through with it because they are in relationships already, Ashley doesn't need this trouble on top of all the other weirdness she is already being introduced to, and Grace has thought some things about Sarah that I don't think she fully processes her own feelings on, like "Sarah is the Perfect Woman" bit which is suspect, best not to give her this on top of that. and just the table the discussion indefinitely or something like that.