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    Quote Originally Posted by Rater202 View Post
    You know, Elliot canonically had a sexy dream about Tedd.

    Dan could be leaning towards a fakeout.

    I mean, the strip doesn't have a 'this is canon' tag, so...
    Your right, he didn't rule out Elliot just having another dream.

    though on the other hand, how many times has he used that tag, and how many times did the content turn out to be true, because I haven't been keeping track.

    whatever he is doing here, lets hope he treads carefully. fake out or not, writing relationships like this can be delicate work.

    Edit: though the more I think about it, the less sense "elliot dream" theory makes, because dreams are usually self-centered. and its too Tedd centric to really be Elliot's dream, because it starts with Tedd having a very tedd-like thought on superheroes. now if this is TEDD's dream that could be more plausible, and I guess the twist is that just because Dan is WRITING it doesn't mean that it isn't Tedd' unconscious mind doing this and while Tedd would write this less subtly, his dreams are free to be more? which is a little weird. but bubbles representing awkward from about Elliot could mean this is a Tedd dream.....
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