I'm probably going to post this question on the Reddit too, but this site isn't blocked at work and Reddit is so...

Can y'all think of some jank to abuse Evra, Halcyon Witness [EDH]?
She is a 4/4, Lifelink, and for (4) Mana, I can switch her power w/ my life total.

I am not setting the bar at A-tier, as if that existed it would probably be more prevalent already. My immediate thoughts are:
1) Sanguine Bond - I attack w/ 40 lifelink, they lose 40 life.
2) Soul Conduit, where I go from 40 to 4, then switch my 4 with opponent

Any other thoughts? I'm looking at Black/White, but open to anything. I prefer hilarious combos rather than things that are likely to actually pull off.