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    Speaking of disproportionate punishment, I decided to do an opinionated analysis of the various Targets across the first two games and their non-lethal eliminations versus assassinations. Spoilers abound, obviously, and I don't include anything from Death of the Outsider because I haven't played it.
    Spoiler: Seriously, Spoilers

    Spoiler: Not Kidding

    Spoiler: D1

    High Overseer Campbell: Branded and exiled as a heretic. Sucks, but probably Better Than Death (ignoring his future destiny as a plague zombie victim).
    Pendleton Twins: Heads shaved, tongues cut out, slave miners for the rest of their lives. A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Anton Sokolov: Non-lethal only, so N/A.
    Lady Boyle: Kidnapped and imprisoned by a love-obsessed stalker. The icky implications of this make it A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Hiram Burrows: Overthrown and locked in prison. Better Than Death, though he might argue otherwise - Coldridge Prison isn't a great place to live.
    Daud: Sparing his life is, by definition, Better Than Death. (its also canon, FWIW).

    Merciful Eliminations: 3/5.

    Spoiler: D1 DLC

    Bundry Rothwild: Ship him to the frozen north and an unknown fate. Most likely Better Than Death, but ambiguous.
    Arnold Timsh: Locked up in prison. As above for Burrows, still calling this Better Than Death.
    Leonard Hume: Captured and interrogated by the Whalers. Since that probably means 'tortured before being executed anyways', I'll call this A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Edgar Wakefield: Knocking him out means Lizzie kills him instead, so N/A.
    Mortimer Hat: He explicitly wants to die, so not killing him is A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Deliliah: The Void isn't really a fun place to be stuck in, I would imagine. I'll call this A Fate Worse Than Death, even though it's canon that she finds a way out.

    Merciful Eliminations: 2/5

    Spoiler: D2

    Mortimer Ramsey: Being locked in the safe room temporarily is probably the most merciful elimination yet, Better Than Death.
    Alexandria Hypatia: Restoring her to sanity is unambiguously Better Than Death.
    Kirin Jindosh: Essentially lobotomizing him with electric shocks, A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Briana Ashworth: Stripping her of her Void magic just makes her a normal person again. She'll be miserable, but Better Than Death, IMO.
    Aramis Stilton: Knocking him out so he stays sane is Better Than Death, letting him go crazy is A Fate Worse Than Death.
    Luca Abele: Swapping him with his body double is Better Than Death in low chaos and A Fate Worse Than Death in high chaos.
    Delilah (Again): Trapping her in a fantasy world that gives her everything she's ever dreamed of, forever? It's sort of existentially horrific, but ar the same time probably Better Than Death.

    Merciful Eliminations: Hard to calculate because of the multiple ending options, but assuming the 'best-case' Low Chaos path, 6/7. The worst-case High Chaos path is 4/7.

    Somewhat unsurprisingly, Emily is the most 'merciful' character, followed by Corvo and then Daud. In High Chaos, Emily's ratio drops to second place, but if you're going for High Chaos you probably didn't spare their lives anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel, on quest rewards View Post
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."

    I don't think anyone would want those pancakes even if you paid them to eat them.